Death in Chult

Something evil is trapping the souls of the dead and draining life from all who have been raised from death by magic. This worldwide "death curse" not only prevents the raising of the dead but also causes creatures that were previously raised from the dead to wither and die. Dinosaur.png A domesticated dinosaur on the outskirts of Port Nyanzaru

CURRENT MISSION: Investigate the Soulmonger, an artifact believed to be the source of The Death Curse that is rapidly spreading from Chult.

LATEST RESULTS: 3 Kythorn 1485 DR. The crew scale the Spire of Firefinger and discover the secrets of the beacon fire atop it. Tragically, Ser Ufalif is killed after a messy fall.

Chult is a peninsula to the South West of The Sword Coast. It is ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests. Enormous reptiles, savage goblins, and an army of undead prowl its jungles and ruins. Mapping the place has always been nigh impossible, and nothing is known about the region’s current geography beyond a few miles from the coast.

Death in Chult

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